Arctic Engine
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arctic::Vec2Si32 Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Vec2Si32 (const struct Vec2D &s)
 Vec2Si32 (const struct Vec2F &s)
 Vec2Si32 (Si32 a, Si32 b) noexcept
const bool operator!= (const Vec2Si32 &v) const
Vec2Si32operator*= (Si32 const &s)
Vec2Si32operator*= (Vec2Si32 const &v)
Vec2Si32operator+= (Si32 const &s)
Vec2Si32operator+= (Vec2Si32 const &v)
Vec2Si32operator-= (Si32 const &s)
Vec2Si32operator-= (Vec2Si32 const &v)
Vec2Si32operator/= (Si32 const &s)
Vec2Si32operator/= (Vec2Si32 const &v)
Vec2Si32operator= (Vec2Si32 const &v)
const bool operator== (const Vec2Si32 &v) const
Si32 & operator[] (Si32 i)
const Si32 & operator[] (Si32 i) const
Vec2Si32 ox () const
Vec2Si32 oy () const
Vec2Si32 xo () const
Vec2Si32 xx () const
Vec2Si32 xy () const
Vec2Si32 yo () const
Vec2Si32 yx () const
Vec2Si32 yy () const

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      Si32   x
      Si32   y
   Si32   element [2]

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