Arctic Engine
Designed to give you control and not take anything away.
arctic::Rgba Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Rgba (Ui32 rgba_in)
 rgba_in is 32 bits containing 0xAABBGGRR. 0xff00ff00 is opaque green.
 Rgba (Ui8 r_in, Ui8 g_in, Ui8 b_in)
 Rgba (Ui8 r_in, Ui8 g_in, Ui8 b_in, Ui8 a_in)
 a = 255 is opaque, a = 0 is transparent.
const bool operator!= (const Rgba &v) const
Rgbaoperator= (const Rgba &v)
const bool operator== (const Rgba &v) const
Ui8 & operator[] (Si32 i)
const Ui8 & operator[] (Si32 i) const

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      Ui8   a
      Ui8   b
      Ui8   g
      Ui8   r
   Ui8   element [4]
   Ui32   rgba

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