Arctic Engine
Designed to give you control and not take anything away.
Arctic Engine

Arctic Engine

Getting started from scratch is always the biggest challenge and use of time. Arctic Engine API is so easy to use it makes it fun to learn, just like it ought to be.

Look how easy it is to use:

#include "engine/easy.h"
using namespace arctic;
void EasyMain() {
while (!IsKeyDownward(kKeyEscape)) {
DrawCircle(Vec2Si32(100, 100), 50, Rgba(255, 255, 255));
void ShowFrame()
Show the current backbuffer and update the input state.
Definition: easy.cpp:686
void DrawCircle(Vec2Si32 c, Si32 r, Rgba color)
Draws a solid color filled circle.
Definition: easy.cpp:610
void Clear()
Clear the backbuffer with black color.
Definition: easy.cpp:971
bool IsKeyDownward(const KeyCode key_code)
Returns true if the key with the specified key_code travelled downwards during the last frame.
Definition: easy.cpp:743
Definition: rgba.h:37
Definition: vec2si32.h:35


Clone or download and unzip
Enter the wizard directory.
Build it with cmake . && make or open and build the project with Visual Studio, XCode or CLion.
Run the wizard and follow the instructions.

A 3-minute videoguide:


  • Returns the power to the C++ programmer
  • Makes game development fun again
  • Easy to use
  • Quick code-build-run cycle



If you are having issues, please let us know:

MIT License

Licenses tell you what the software developers are scared of.
BSD license is for those scared of having their name dragged through the mud.
GPL is for those scared of having their code put into a proprietary piece of software.
We fear not being useful to the community, so Arctic Engine is released under the MIT License.